“Project to enlighten the world”

A collection of 10000 art of Enlightened souls.

The first 10 pioneer souls to start the Enlightened Community, the Website is in process for Enlightened souls.

“A person is believed to reach this point of “awakening” in life wherein they possess a new sense of being in this world”.

“Spiritual awakenings can be spontaneous, but for most, they are triggered by major life changes or traumas such as life-threatening illnesses, car accidents, divorces, war, pandemics, quarter-life or midlife crises, mental health crises such as clinical depression or anxiety, or even a near-death experience.”

If you have reached a certain level of spiritual awakening in your life after a life-altering event, does that immediately make you an enlightened person?

If you’ve gone through a life-changing event in your life and it helped you transform into the best version of yourself, chances are you are an enlightened soul.